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Infrared Technology

The best radiant panel heater is one which produces the maximum amount of infrared rays. Only when a panel works efficiently and uses the same techniques the sun uses to heat, it is then when a heater should be legitimately called an infrared heater. However, since infrared radiant heating has become very popular the last years, a raise of electric heaters try to market themselves as “infrared heaters”, although they have an infrared output rate below 25% (which means 25% of the input power is transferred into IR rays and 75% into normal convectional heat or heat/energy loss).

Optimum IR spectrum: It is very important that a radiant panel produces IR rays at a certain high efficiency rate. However, it is of same importance that most of the rays are in a certain infrared spectrum. Wexstar has developed with European technicians a special formula for its heating element and a unique reflector technique that 99% of the produced infrared rays are in the optimum IR spectrum.

Wexstar heats in the optimal infrared spectrum level

 Also the sun produces many different types of rays (from Microwaves to Visible Light and X-Rays, see graph above). Only rays which fall in a certain spectrum (0.75 to 15 microns) do the heating. These rays are called Infrared Rays (A) Near-, (B) Medium- and (C) Far IR Rays. The best and most efficient spectrum for heating is the C Spectrum (Far IR rays, 6 to 10 microns).

Therefore, it is important that an infrared panel heater produces most of its IR rays in this optimum spectrum. Wexstar panels produce 99,82% of its output in the C-range (6 to 10 microns).

Infrared heat chart

Wexstar ​reaches this optimum spectrum with a patented formula of a very high grade Carbon Nickel mixture and a Nano Silver conductor (developed by Japanese technicians). All coated by dielectric layer and 100% PE protection. A unique reflector technology emits all IR to the front side (no loss to backside. The backside gets warm but with no IR rays.

Simple Test: Hold hand 2cm behind the panel and you will not feel heat. No IR rays are emitted to the backside through Wexstar ​unique reflector technology (optical mirror layer applied).

Another important factor for reaching the optimum IR spectrum is that the heater panel performs at a certain temperature range. The less input power (W) used to achieve this certain surface temperature the better the panel (e.g.: a panel of same size with same surface temperature which use less power is better than a panel which needs more power to achieve the same surface temperature). Wexstar panels are exactly in the mentioned temperature range

Wexstar Heat distribution diagram

 Furthermore, it is essential that the heat distribution on the surface is equal. Only an equal heat distribution (surface temperature) guarantees that the total input power (W) is used for working at best performance. Please see the test results of Wexstar.Converting infrared radiant energy into an image that the human eye can see and understand is the process called thermal imaging. This is achieved with the use of an infrared camera that accurately measures the temperature and translates it into color. Infrared imaging shows the heat distribution of certain bodies. This image shows the outstanding heat distribution of Wexstar radiant panels (Tested with IR thermal camera).

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