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Accessories For Classic Framed Heaters


The following Wexstar Accessories are compatible with all of our Wexstar Classic Infrared Heaters. 


Allow your panel to be mounted on the ceiling with the ceiling kit or move it around with the Wexstar support legs.

Use the Plug-in Thermostats to control the heater based on the temperature of the room that is desired, or use the Wexstar Smart accessories to control the heater through an app on your phone.

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The Plug-In Thermostat allows you to automatically control the temperature of the room when plugged in with space heaters, fans and even air conditioners.

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Simply choose the temperature you desire. And the Plug-in Thermostat will turn any plugged device on / off automatically to reach the preferred temperature.​   ​

  • The support stand allows the portable use of your Wexstar infrared heater.

  • No wall drill installation required.

  • No screws or any tools needed.

  • Works with all Wexstar's Classic Collection Heaters and any size Wexstar picture design heaters.

  • Makes it easier to relocate the heater.

  • Sturdy metal construction.

Wexstar Leg Stand Attachment