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About US

Spacio Innovations Inc. is a Canadian Distributor / Importer of branded products with leadership claim for the respective market and product segments. 

Spacio Innovations Inc. is the exclusive distributor in Canada of Amaze Heater, Calmat, Wexstar, Brilliant, Felo Screwdrivers, and NT Cutter.

Amaze Heater & Wexstar Heaters are the leader manufacturer of room panel heaters. Calmat was founded in 1948 in Germany and is already in its third generation of developing system solutions against scale and rust present in over 50 countries worldwide. Felo has more than 120 years of tradition in the manufacture of hand tools. The Felo brand is internationally recognized successfully with active customers in more than 45 countries. NT Cutter is a leader manufacturer in Japan of cutting-edge technology specialty cutters and blades since 1948; with a presence in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Spacio Innovations proudly offers unique innovative technologies in every one of its products and provides solutions to improve people's quality of life. Spacio strives to produce an outstanding customer service experience, fulfilling customers' requirements until full satisfaction. At Spacio Innovations you can always count on having a real life person at the end of the line. These are Spacio Innovations´ sustainable success factors.

Spacio Innovations is built on the principles of supplying quality products and providing reliable service. Our diversified product range continues to grow by developing technologies and carefully listening to our customer's needs. We aim to lead the market on the categories we supply. 

We endeavor to go beyond market average standards on product’s utility, design, performance, and presentation; As well as the respective communication factors to achieve a perceived quality. 

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