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Wexstar Heater installed on a beautiful living room area

Infrared Heater Collection

Wexstar focuses on providing a stylish and durable heater with the highest possible output of infrared warmth while using the least possible power consumption. Designed with technology replicating the sun, Wexstar emits infrared waves to heat the surfaces and objects in a room instead of the air. Thus, heat is stored longer and gently released evenly. Without taking up much wall space, Wexstar infrared panels can be used as a supplementary or primary source of heat. 


  • ​Wexstar is an environmentally responsible alternative to 1500W heaters. Wexstar strives to provide the highest heating performance with the lowest possible energy consumption.

  • Many options are available designed to heat different-sized rooms.

  • Versatile  Great for bedrooms, offices, kitchens, family rooms, Cottages, Cabins, etc.

  • Wall-mounted, leg-mounted, or ceiling mounted; does not take space from your room.

Classic Wexstar Instalaltion methods
Wexstar Heaters Logo


  • Plugs to a standard electrical outlet (120V).

  • No need for professional installation, Easy Do-it-yourself.

  • Can be mounted on the wall or on the floor with Wexstar Stand Support. Portable and easy to relocate.

  • Does not obstruct movement inside the house, the WEXSTAR Heaters are less than an inch thick, fitting harmoniously in any living area.

  • NO NOISE. The heaters are 100% quiet as they don’t use a fan to heat the room.

  • NO DUST CIRCULATION, perfect for homes with people suffering from dust or pollen allergies.

  • No service or maintenance required.

Wexstar infrared heat warming up people


  • Made out of special epoxy resin fibre finish front, copper-nickel and resistant coated back with a slick-looking aluminum frame.

  • 165° angle of heating.

  • Operate strictly within the healthy and therapeutic region of the invisible infrared spectrum.

  • Detoxifying and therapeutic heat. 

  • Improved blood circulation.

  • Reduces joint pain and stiffness.

  • Boosts immune system.

Framed classic wexstar closeup

Framed Heater Specifications

The Classic Black & White Collections, hold identical specifications and only differ in the color variation.

Wexstar classic series specification chart
400W wexstar panel heater rotating

Classic Framed Collection

Wexstar infrared panels offer an efficient and convenient way to bring the heat to any room in your home. 


​The Wexstar Classic Collection is available in 400 Watt, 600 Watt, and 800 Watt. The Classic line is supplied in a high-quality epoxy resin white finish and a slick-looking aluminum frame. 

Wexstar in a living area
Classic White
Living jpg.jpg

Classic Black 
Framed Heater Collection

The Wexstar Classic Black Framed Collection is available in 400 Watt, 600 Watt, and 800 Watt. This line is supplied in a high-quality epoxy resin with a black finish and a slick Black aluminum frame. 

Classic Black

Frameless Heater Collection

The perfect blend of style and functionality. With wall and ceiling versions available in 450W, 700W, and 900W options, our panel heaters provide efficient and customizable heating for any space. 

Wexstar frameless F-series specification chart
Wexstar frameless panel 900w in a living space
Frameless Collection
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