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Hang Ceiling Kit for Wexstar Infrared Frameless Panel Heaters, Compatible with all frameless ceiling models. Simple do-it-yourself no professional installation required.

Upgrade your heating experience with our new hang ceiling installation accessory for our Frameless Infrared panel heaters! This accessory is specifically designed to mount the Wexstar Frameless series infrared panel heaters on the ceiling, providing a unique and stylish heating solution for your home or office. The hang ceiling installation is easy to install and ensures a secure and stable mounting of the heater, without taking up valuable wall space. This option is perfect for those looking for a discreet and modern heating solution. Enjoy the full benefits of infrared panel heating from the ceiling, with our hang ceiling installation accessory.


Compatible with:

Frameless Infrared panel Heater models: F-550CE & F-700CE


The heater not included with this accessory


Frameless Hang Ceiling Kit